How to help Luis y Ilse, This is what I wrote..

by Elena S @, Tacoma WA USA, Friday, July 14, 2017, 20:50 (436 days ago) @ Elena S

I just sent this. Please write to anyone who is anybody. Someone knows someone who can get them free and the more who speak out the better. It's so awful what has happened to those kids.

14 July 2017

Consulate de Mexico
2132 Third Avenue
Seattle WA 98121

To Mr Roberto Dondisch Glowinski, Consul


I am writing on behalf of my friends, the Mexican citizens Luis Ángel Quintana Saucedo and Ilse Elizabeth Ramírez Reyes. They are being held in a prison where the situation has gone from being an outrageous injustice to life threatening. With the outbreak of violence among the prisoners Luis Ángel was beaten and had his arm broken and is now recovering in the hospital.
These hard working citizens of Zihuatanejo, Mx. were simply living in their apartment when the police followed some people with guns, who they did not even know, to their building. Their apartment was not even on the same floor, yet they were awakened in the middle of the night, arrested and taken to an Acapulco prison . This happened in February and they are still deprived of their liberty. They are of good character and without a doubt completely innocent. Despite public protests in their home town of Zihuatanejo and international attention brought by musical legends Rodrigo y Gabriela they have still not been allowed to go home.
I appeal to you for help freeing them from the Acapulco prison, el Centro de Readaptación Social (Cereso), Las Cruces.
Luis Ángel y Ilse Ramírez have many supporters, friends and family asking for their release. Please join us and use your influence to secure their freedom. It might not be in your job description, but you have power and know people who can get things done.
Please help us.

Most sincerely,
Ellen Storm
Tacoma WA, USA

¡Los queremos libre!

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