Sopa Tarascano

by mexicowanderer, Sunday, July 16, 2017, 23:50 (767 days ago) @ Charlybby

Purepecha, the dominant indigenous citizens. I asked a smiling (indigena) about the soup in the mercado and she replied


Authentic Purepecha cuisine includes carnes de ova and carnero, mutton and lamb. Something difficult to find on a menu. I was camped out and a young herder happened by and he looked parched. He refused a glass of chilled orange juice but guzzled down a half liter of jugo de naranja al tiempo. We became coincidental friends. He would stop by camp daily and he filled my ears with stories of indigena life. Authentic. He was dressed in black wool and his Spanish was basic. Very enjoyable.

Tarascan soup depends entirely on el sazon the cook's touch to elevate it from downright boring to interesting.

The super heavy wool sweaters that can be found in this region have proven to me they suppress cold humid air (Like found in the winter Ixil Triangle of Guatemala) far better than the heaviest goose down coat. Might be worth a thought for visitors from Vancouver island.

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