by Gringo Viejo @, Kansas/Zihuatanejo, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 11:28 (212 days ago) @ midalake

My point is, and I have not questioned anything you say, is that you have to look at NET rate not just the exchange rate which will vary from ATM card to ATM card and credit card and between ATMs. For example, when I was recently in Patzcuaro I had to use the Banco Santander ATM with my B of A debit card. Banco Santander is not associated with B of A so I paid the 3% B of A fee plus the Banco Santander fee. I forget the exchange rate but the same day I made a purchase with my CitBank MC and the rate was much lower than the NET rae I got from Banco Santander.

Next day, I was in Morelia and used the B of A debit card to withdraw fromt he Scotiabank ATM (which is associated with B of A and paid the 3% bee which was deducted from my account the next day.

I am not questioning your truthfulness or your facts, just stating what I know to be true based on my experiences.

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