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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 13:16 (423 days ago)

Several people have commented that I only seem to post waterfront photos and why don't I post photos of the mercado and the street scenes. Folks, I'm not on vacation. I work long days and I'm lucky to get out for a morning and evening stroll with my sweetie. I rarely go to the mercados. I rarely roam the streets. I don't go to bars, and when I'm out "on the town" I'm usually in a hurry or have my hands full or I'm sharing a romantic time with my sweetie. I cherish what little free time I have very much. So I take the photos I can when I can, and I hope that other residents and regular visitors will also share their photos here when they have time.

Recently the city started refurbishing the street Benito Juárez in front of the mercado municipal, much to the surprise and dismay of the folks who have businesses there who all of a sudden practically have no clients because of the road construction. Yesterday during the brief rain, sewage started flowing out of one of the drains in the middle of the construction, reminding city officials that the drainage system has collapsed and needs replacing. Something they hadn't planned on fixing but have no choice about doing now. It must be done in order to finish the road reconstruction. It boggles the mind how the city could so poorly time such road construction projects as to coincide not only with our rainy season but especially with the summer vacation season when there are more vehicles here than at almost any other time of the year. But it's even more bizarre that they would undertake such a project without any consideration for the condition of the infrastructure under the street. Recently La Ropa had their road replaced incredibly slowly, and almost as soon as it was finished they began tearing up the new cement to replace leaking water pipes. I feel like shouting to our so-called responsible authorities that it's called Administración Pública, and you can't just wing it and simulate the work. You have to take it more seriously and plan comprehensively. But since they didn't, the expected 3-month long job will now likely turn into a 5- or 6-month long job or longer, and of course it will run over budget which usually means work will have to stop while more money is solicited and authorized to pay the workers. This could easily run into the winter tourist season all because of poor planning, a total lack of accountability, and no penalties for cost overruns.

A lovely morning in our bay.

This mailbox by the zócalo gives new meaning to the expression "junk mail". How embarrassing!

A treasured quiet moment on Calle Agustín Ramírez, now one of the noisiest parts of town at night thanks to all the open-air bars blasting their noise (I can't bring myself to call it music) that we can also hear at our home.

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