Planning to fly United though Houston past 11/04 to MSP?

by Labrat ⌂ @, The Roosterfish Foundation, Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 13:22 (210 days ago)

Heads Up.

Spreadin it around since I have given United months to correct it.

FYI if you Fly United from the MSP Airport and are contemplating a Fall Vacation to Zihuatanejo!!!!!

I have been fighting this all Summer, and you can imagine the Typical Response(s) from Customer Service. (do they even have more than one real person there to push the Form Letter Button?)

Anyhow!! Be careful before you push the BUY button, and check your Return Flight to make sure you didn't just buy yourself and OVERNIGHT in Houston.

If this is of concern to you. Please contact United! The squeaky wheels get the grease!


Today at 12:55pm
Okay!! I can't make this any simpler!! From 11/04/17 right on though 01/06/18 United has cut off 30 Minutes of layover by having the IAH to ZIH leg of all Zihuatanejo flights depart at 11:55 AM instead of the previous 11:25 AM. This creates a 30 minute less layover for those of us on that Return Flight though IAH. This blocks anyone attempting to book R/T return flights to MSP though this entire time up to and including the first of the year (and likely beyond, as I stopped checking) from being able to Book a One Stop Return Flight though IAH to MSP. I am almost done with my Soap Boxing now, as in a short time I will have to bite the bullet, and book our Fall Trip that we so enjoy(ed) with United................though Phoenix on American. (yuk)

P.S. It isn't that we couldn't make it, since we have Global Entry and a hour/ten is plenty of time. It is that United won't allow you to even see the flight (ZIH-IAH-MSP) , let alone book it.

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