HSBC Caution

by D-Loco, Thursday, July 27, 2017, 18:41 (423 days ago) @ midalake

I have always taken money from HSBC for the last several years via ATM. I am getting a new screen that tells me my exchange rate {WHICH SUCKS} the first time it worked out OK...TODAY I received a rate of 16.79 VERY UNACCEPTABLE. I will be on to my Visa Card in the AM.


If you can investigate your receipts or the ATM further check to see if they are charging you to tell you the Exchange Rate. It's called 'Dynamic Currency Conversion'. It's a fee that consumers get sneaked on them. Very rare but it does happen and you are suppose to be given a choice for it. Happened to me in Mexico twice and once in Italy.

Google 'dynamic currency conversion fee'

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