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This weekend there is a big "music" festival on the beach in Ixtapa just like last year right in front of the place where the dolphins are help captive. No one seems to care that the dolphins suffer from the loud noise. It breaks my heart to think of their suffering, as if being held captive right in front of the ocean weren't cruel enough. I keep trying to bring the matter to the attention of so-called "responsible authorities" but so far they haven't shown enough concern or decency to even reply. So much for being responsible. ¡Estoy harto de nuestro desgobierno! #PobrePueblo

We had a serious thunderstorm for a couple of hours yesterday evening. Thought it might flood our area of downtown, but fortunately the rain let up right before the canal overflowed.

Around 1:30 in the morning my wife and I were awakened by inconsiderate young people with little education who decided playing their car stereo at full blast in front of our home on our quiet street was an acceptable thing to do. After shouting in vain for a few minutes I was dabbling with semi-violent thoughts when like magic and right on cue a truck full of Policía Estatal pulled up and began searching them and their vehicle. That shut them up real fast. I hope the kids thought we called the police on them and that they arrived within seconds. That'll give them something to think about. We profusely thanked the police, who seemed grateful for the acknowledgement. The young drunk punks wasted little time moving on. :devil:

This is all I had time for this morning. The morning colors were brief but lovely.

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