Atun moratorium?

by Pelicano, Friday, July 28, 2017, 16:24 (232 days ago) @ Labrat

Note that this is on Bluefin not Yellowfin.


Si...by coincidence here's Nick Sakagami, "tuna master", quoted in NY Times this week:

"People say don’t eat bluefin tuna because it’s going extinct, but it depends on which region you are in. Atlantic bluefin tuna stock is in much better shape than Pacific bluefin. I would avoid the latter, especially in places like Mexico, because there are too many loopholes in their fishing policy.

Bluefin tuna is really good in cold countries like Iceland, Norway and Scotland. The cold water means fish have to eat fat to survive; that is a natural way to get lots of flavor.

Eat how local people are eating. If you are on a remote island and people are eating tuna, it means that it is probably caught from the nearby ocean, it should be good and it has a low carbon footprint."

Despite what he says, Atlantic Bluefin is still listed as endangered just about everywhere you read...

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