by Marty, Colorado / Ixtapa, Tuesday, August 01, 2017, 11:11 (419 days ago) @ Gringo Viejo

You assume quite a bit about my viewing and reading. I watch and read many different news outlets and newspapers. From my local papers and TV stations to national and worldwide outlets. With the exception of Fox news. I refuse to watch that garbage.

Where do you think the Term "Fake News" started?

Fox started it all when they first became a business. And a Business it is. It's all about profits and not real news reporting. When Fox news started, they wanted to get a large share of the advertising dollar and to do that they needed market share. To get a large market share they targeted the angry conservatives and told them not to believe the liberal media and started with a very slanted conservative view. The conservatives bought it "Hook, Line and Sinker" They believed that only Fox News would tell them the truth. Which in reality was only what the conservatives wanted to hear.

Then came "Fake News"

When it became apparent that everyone, including known mainstream news organizations, was reporting the failures of the conservatives , the fake news era started. Now, the conservatives are yelling "Fake News" any time they read a story that shows a negative view of the GOP and Trump. Yelling "Fake News" is like a child putting their fingers in their ears and yelling so they don't hear what others are saying. This whole concept has worked very well for Fox News. They make lots of money reporting slanted view points. And that what Fox news really is. A view point. And not a real news organization.

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