Something About Zih

by midalake @, Thursday, August 03, 2017, 07:15 (383 days ago) @ Canada1

In Bucerias now and there are many more all inclusive hotels in the area and Bucerias is smaller. Had lunch on the beach today and there were many clients with wrist bands on.
Perhaps the problem is in Guerrero itself.

Actually if there are wristbands in Bucerias......THE PROBLEM is Bucerias.



I have been to Bucerias several times. [Think really small place] To have all-inclusive there is really shameful.

People have to understand that all-inclusive is more about convenience to the traveler than anything else. MANY people just want to sit at the pool and beach all day and do noting but relax, eat and drink

In our complicated hard working society there is NO business plan that can change this.


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