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by mexicowanderer, Sunday, August 06, 2017, 10:03 (196 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

In REALITY is a comprehensive years-long study. In conjunction with the Netherlands. An astute study of the effects of LEGAL DRUGS on society. From overall macro-economic impact to crime, quality of life including living standards, the ability of businesses to survive in high drug density areas, to health issues and the "load of no-discipline drug use on society"

It was a shocker when it was published. It has permanently colored my decisions regarding unregulated, wide-open drug use. I am not going to bother to "color" this response with excerpts - which would be totally out of context. My response title was strong enough.

I suggest you RESEARCH for the findings then study (not merely "read";) them. They are cold hard cruel statistics.

One bit of COLOR though. This is a bit of FACT: Just a week ago the LA Times reported how California, has accumulated TEN TIMES the quantity of legal pot in oversupply. Even a fool can deduce WHY. California pot costs a minimum of TEN TIMES that of street marijuana imported from Mexico. Yeah, I did the research and found hard numbers, including asking Californiano friends who smoke pot. You demand people pay 1000% premium price just because it is legal?

This is exactly in parallel to the age of prohibition if a bottle of bootleg whiskey that cost $3 would consumers have paid thirty dollars for the same bottle of LEGAL whiskey. Don't be ridiculous.

Knuckleheads drive all the way across US cities to "save" thirty cents a gallon on gasoline.

But it was the crisis in Denmark and the Netherlands that caught my eye. This is (not was) the result of let-it-all-hang-out (dis)controlling of all drugs.

Another point is this...after a serious auto accident blood alcohol levels can be easily established by law enforcement. How does one measure blood cannabis level? To claim being stoned does not impact driver safety would not be wise.

Can I tell you of a telephone call I made to a California supplier a couple of months ago? The salesperson was male and young. He could not remember a three alpha-numerical part number. Repeated it three times. Finally he started giggling and I hung up. The kid was stone-cold-out of his gourd on pot.

Neat Huh? People who kill and maim while overdosed on alcohol are bad enough. Legalization of pot with no control will cause "A News Sensation" once enough people have have killed or hurt. But then that's not enough. Some folks want stronger, more disabling drugs to be made available.

Sorry. I play the part of a Duck in a Shooting Gallery rather poorly.

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