I Was T-Boned By A Service Truck In National City

by mexicowanderer, Monday, August 07, 2017, 00:21 (199 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

The smell of marijuana was so strong inside the cab the driver and his passenger were taken into custody. There are NO EFFECTIVE on scene drug tests that are admissible in a California court. It was physical evidence that led to the arrest. The fact the red light camera caught the driver entering the intersection at a high rate of speed thirty odd seconds after the light had changed makes it and open and shut case.

Being I was on my way to Scripps medical center in the first place, I finished the ride in a Country of San Diego Paramedic Response unit. Cuts, bruises, a dislocated shoulder and smashed left side of my face were my personal injuries.

I did not talk to the driver. I have no idea whom it was. The utility has generously offered to pay for my already paid for hospitalization. The utility insurance wants to make the inadmissibility of an on-scene test for marijuana intoxication a major part of its settle package which by the way does not even cover the damages to the motor vehicle. I have to litigate my way back to least amount of financial damages incurred.

This is not a weird CONTEST of which is worse, marijuana or alcohol, it is solely an issue of anything at all that would impair the ability of a driver to the extent it would precipitate an accident.

The belief that marijuana cannot cause an accident or affect job performance is an indictment against the naive.

Tomorrow, yes, Monday the 7th, I return to face both a pre operation consultation with a neurosurgeon and to meet with the defendant's underwriter.

And by the way, I spent two months in Portugal. It is an almost purely wrought society. Most unlike Mexico or the USA. Trying to compare it to either of the two would be like trying to compare the lifestyle of a ruby throated hummingbird to a California Condor.

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