Avocados Too Expensive for Mexicanos

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Wednesday, August 09, 2017, 04:15 (409 days ago) @ Johnny Briefcase
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Hello Johnny B:

Now I will step up to my "soapbox" about complaints about high prices.
Here is an excerpt from the article:

"But individual consumption has slipped from roughly 9kg a year to 7.5kg, and many ordinary Mexicans say that avocados are simply too expensive for them."

But, wait a minute.
Let's figure the cost on another popular JUNK food that is widely consumed, in the standard / "ordinary" Mexican diet......
SABRITAS (papas).....One 50 gram bag cost $10 pesos, last time I checked awhile back.
So, it takes TWENTY 50gr bags makes one kilogram.
At $10 per bag: 20 x $10=$200 pesos per Kg!
And, those aren't "simply too expensive for them".
Unfortunately, Sabritas, I.M.O., has in a sense, brainwashed the population, so that when they buy their products, they don't consider the REAL COST PER Kg, only the cost PER BAG.
Now then, if I offered you JUNK FOOD AT $200 per Kg, will you buy it?

Final note, most candies, junk food, and sweet cake items like Choco Roles, Penguinos, etc., when figuring the REAL COST, come at a steep price per Kg ranging from the low $100s to the $300 pesos per Kg. Yet, I don't hear any complaints about those prices.
Go figure, YOUR turn now.


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