Avocados Too Expensive for Mexicanos

by mexicowanderer, Friday, August 11, 2017, 11:50 (343 days ago) @ Fuceneh

Sabritas y alimentos de chatarra are often purchased by young people. For one thing the average Mexican woman shops in a mercado municipal an open air market. You won't see Sonrics or cerveza in their bolsas.

When visitors from Hong Kong arrive in the USA they will find it hard to get a grasp on the handle of Authentic USA, if they head to Chinatown. Same for Mexico. You won't find many ordinary shoppers in Mega. Try going to an open air market. And I'll bet if you look for junk food stats, you may just find your examples in a Burger King or 7-11.

Produce and otras alimentos are damned expensive. And in the SAME TOWN that has thousands of acres of for example jitomates under cultivation, you won't find any bargains. My family shops at tianguis, and they stop alongside the roadway to purchase from a camioneta or traylor whenever possible.

Remember, the wealthy have to keep up with the Gonzales'. Counter their new Escalade with perhaps a Range Rover. And product prices in USA supermarkets are rising fast. But not Social Insecurity payments.

But for a taste of reality "It's more important to have bastante lana for buying 3 cartones of Pacifico weekly than pay 40 pesos to replace all six burned out brake light bulbs."

Such is life...

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