New Day Slow Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, August 11, 2017, 12:45 (409 days ago)

Not sure if the storm scared folks off, but there aren't as many tourists around as there usually are at this time of year. But the ones we saw out strolling last evening seemed to be most affluent than the ones that have been arriving on the infamous tour buses. The were dining at the waterfront restaurants and even leaving tips in the jars for Daniel Fermín's sand sculptures, which appeared to have weathered the rains very well unless he retouched them afterwards.

But still noticeably absent are our municipal police, of which there are only 32 and 5 administrators. The drunks had taken over the beach near Daniel's restaurant and were drinking cheap tequila and passed out all over the place. This morning while I was inspecting a sea turtle nest I encountered the 3 guys who have been living on the beach and stealing the sea turtle eggs. They walked by smiling and greeted me innocently while I was checking out the human signs around the plundered nest. The Marinos say it's the responsibility of the ayuntamiento to deal with the drunks, vagabonds and turtle egg thieves, in spite of the fact that we and they already know this municipal administration has shirked most of their duties almost from the git go and left our town a greatly deteriorated and lawless place. It's a great shame to see Zihuatanejo so mismanaged and abandoned to its fate. It's the one thing almost every local will agree on. And the mayor is running for re-election. Talk about wasted money and energy...

This image of the moon and the palms greeted my wife and me this morning as we enjoyed our morning stroll.

A lone basketball player enjoys having the Cancha Municipal all to himself during the early morning.

A fisherman in his canoe just about to beach his vessel after working the bay during the morning hours.

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