by wisconsinjuan @, Friday, August 11, 2017, 16:12 (410 days ago) @ Curbarn

Palma Real's web site is The current walkup rate is 1280 pesos for 18 holes with cart and range balls. I didn't see a senior rate listed, but last winter it was 1000 pesos per round. You need to be 60+ and have a photocopy of your drivers license each time you want to buy a senior rate round. (for fraud protection), so if you each want to play 3 times, get 3 copies made. They will not make them for you at the course, so get them made at home or at the paper store near Dominos in Ixtapa Plaza. With 8 people, if you are going to play 3 times-for a total of 24 rounds- you can buy bulk tickets. 20-49 at 40% discount or 50+ at 45% discount. They are good for one year. I used to buy 50 and sell any excess to walkups at the course. Now I just buy an annual pass.

The Marina course is in bad shape, and even if it were in good shape I wouldn't care to play it. Not a great layout at all.

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