Humor Me

by mexicowanderer, Saturday, August 12, 2017, 13:31 (189 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

On a six lane boulevard with a 45 mph speed limit, how is one supposed to "X ray eyeballs" through the box walls of a furniture truck in the far right lane of the same lanes the utility truck blew the light on. the utility truck was in the center lane.

With traffic before and behind I SLAM ON THE BRAKES entering the intersection? The EUA ain't Mexico, hombre. Pull a stupid stunt like hitting the brakes without justification and you will soon be driving a shorter car.

By the way, the driver of the furniture van and his helper pulled me out of the car via the passenger door. Their English was marginal. But I conversed with them in Spanish. Wonderful folks.

Your penchant for attempting to pin part of the responsibility of the crash on me is frustrating. It is pure hogwash. It seems to stem from an knee jerk reaction to anyone that might question your conviction that a drug-saturated society is a happier better society.

Your comment is going to foster aching ribs and tear stained cheeks in the police dept. They could not bribe me to reveal your personal information. My character does not work that way. But I rest my case, drive where drugs are legal and suffer an increased risk of an accident. Only a fool would argue the point.

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