Fractured Reality

by mexicowanderer, Sunday, August 13, 2017, 00:21 (405 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Ask a Mexican bartender about his margaritas and tourists...

"Wow this margarita is really watered down".

This is a nationwide phenomenon in all tourist resorts I have had the misfortune of visiting.

And, frankly, bartenders get tired of hearing complaints.

There is a "magic fix" to keep the dimwits quiet until they become comatose.

It's called aguardiente.

And it (cane alcohol "popskull";) is potent as hell.

"Impure alcohol?" are they talking about dirt cheap Pancho Villa in the plastic envase?

Yet another product of people who get paid to sit on their --- and deduce poppycock from a limited wit. Asking bartenders would be, would be (what word do I seek?) accurate news reporting.

I wonder how long a State Dept employee would last at their job if they dared to do in-depth research?

A sign in my daughter's enramada says in Ingles: WE SERVE WEAK MARGARITAS. Mexican patrons howl in delight when it is translated to them.

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