Bee Sting Remedy

by kathyMN @, Blaine, Minnesota, Saturday, September 02, 2017, 18:40 (265 days ago) @ Paulf

I am at the end of day four and the throbbing pain and swelling are starting to subside. This is the fourth or fifth time I have been stung down here. I can't seem to avoid them no matter how hard I focus on where I step. Once one simply landed on my neck and stung before I even knew it was there.

This time I had blisters on top of my toe like I had been severaly burned. Really bizarre. That has never happened before. The color of my toe is almost a deep purple and redness and swelling covered the top of my foot. The itching is still driving me crazy.

I tried a bunch of the home remedies: aspirin paste, ice, aloe, itch creme, vinegar, and toothpaste and nothing worked. Today it is finally bearable. No flip flops yet. Probably another day or two before I will be able to wear them.

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