Zihua Transit Police

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...."$1,200.00 MXN later, I drove off. My question is, he said pay or follow him to the police station. If I had followed him, would I have gotten off cheaper or worse? Thanks for any feedback!..... And who does control (for a lack of better word)the transit police?"

That's around US$70.00, a bit steep.

As far as I know, fines, or "multas", are set in a tablero, based on the current salario mínimo.
I found this example, for 2017:
$ 80,04
So, dividing 1,200 by 80, you paid around 15 salarios as your multa to the corrupt tránsito agent.

The only way to know IF you had gotten of cheaper or worse, is to check the tablero for the fine that corresponds to the traffic violation you supposedly committed.
I.M.O., & I am just guessing, I think you probably paid around double, or so, as to the actual fine that the tablero indicates.
Of course, you would of had the hassle and nuisance of dealing with that situation, so, maybe you broke even, taking that into account.

BTW: Did the cop ask you for $1,200 pesos, OR, did U offer that amount?
I suspect that a crisp $500 peso note would of settled the incident on the spot.

......As far as your 2nd inquiry, I think the Webmaster is the one who knows best about that.

As a side note, there was a checkpoint earlier I saw around 8:00 p.m., on Paseo de la Boquita, in the Plaza Kioto monument area. The trucks with a camouflage finish were running it, from what I could decipher.


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