Zihua Transit Police

by Laura ⌂ @, Sunday, September 17, 2017, 09:39 (552 days ago) @ jaui

Very steep. The transitos seems to be on an intensified run lately...maybe having to do somehow with current tragic events.

I agree that a 500 bill would have probably taken care of it without further haggling, if even that much (300 is a good standard in most cases). A good general rule might be to counter with less than half of the number they mention, with an expectation it will end up no more than around half. Feel comfortable to say with your most respectful 'tourist naivete' voice, 'OK officer, let's go to the station, I will cooperate of course, unless there might be a way to take care of it more easily for all' (cue to hint at 500 bill). Chances of them planning to go to the station are close to nil and the number will immediately drop accordingly.

The camouflaged guys are the army and that checkpoint would have been related to recent increases in narco related violence combined with the holiday. They are not engaging in the time honored task of the 'transitos' squeezing out mordidas for traffic violations.

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