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by Gringo Viejo @, Kansas/Zihuatanejo, Sunday, September 17, 2017, 10:15 (456 days ago) @ Laura

My companera bought a new but very small car about a year ago. Even though she is a local native I think she was soon profiled especially when I am riding as a passenger (she does all the driving.

She has been stopped 5 times. Two times she was indeed guilty infraction (like her bumper protruding into a no-parking zone), twice it was and obvious shakedown and once she pulled into the left lane to detour around street maintenance-failure to yield even though there wasn't even oncoming traffic nearby.

The first time she was pressed for time and told the officer. He offered a mordida-1,000 pesos. All she had was a 500 peso bill and he took it. And therein she learned her lesson.

From then on she carries a 200 peso bill plus maybe a 20 peso bill or two in the money compartment of her wallet. Four different times she has been "cited" and shows the officer her wallet and the peso bills. They have always walked away happy and so has she.

Mexico, and FRO in particular is a different culture. The rule of law is touted but often ignored. Live with it.

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