My apoligies--

by John Redcorn, Monday, September 18, 2017, 07:47 (551 days ago) @ Canada1

I was driving down Benito Jaurez a few years ago and made an illegal u-turn. My fault, I was half way through the turn before realizing my error so just went through with it.

Transito was standing on the corner so motioned for me to pull over. I got out to speak to him and was offered to pay the fine on site or at the courthouse. I was just making a quick trip to the store so did not have an ID and only $20USD in my pocket. I informed him of this and he replied that the $20 would settle it. I reached in my pocket and tried to hand him the $20. He got a bit flustered and told me "No, shake my hand". So I did. Still not happy, he replied "shake my hand with the money"

I guess he wanted to keep a low profile on the mordida.

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