Scene Of Zih Crime

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, October 05, 2017, 09:55 (354 days ago)

After a close brush with Tropical Storm Ramón last night (right on time for El Cordonazo de San Francisco), the sky began to clear and stars and planets became visible for the first time in weeks. This morning we were treated to mostly clear skies that promise a sunny day. We really need the sunshine to allow everything to dry out since the ground and everything else has been saturated for weeks now. Mexican meteorologists say our tropical rainy season will last only another couple of weeks or so, though the cold fronts now pushing down from the north may also cause some rains. Also saw some noctilucent clouds this morning but my photos of them just didn't seem to turn out. Oh well.

This was a sight for sore eyes!

I was extremely heartbroken and angered to see a pair of turtle tracks on the beach in front of Plaza del Artista where it looked like the turtles had been flipped on their backs and dragged some distance. From what I could tell one appeared to have made it back into the ocean, but the other I could find no tracks that showed it returned to the bay but instead had been dragged up to the sidewalk and apparently carried away. I keep my machete sharp in case I ever catch the cretins who do crap like this.

We also saw a man lurking around the area where a soccer field complete with grandstands has been set up on the beach for the past few weeks obviously disturbing nesting turtles (where the hell is Ecología?) who was carrying black plastic bag that looked like it contained turtle eggs. I wanted to go after him but my saint of a wife absolutely forbade me, and she's the only boss I have. Nevertheless I reported the situation to the Marinos. All I can do for now. I can't watch the beach at night since I already work over 12 hours a day, but I sleep lightly and try to pay attention to what's happening in front of our home as best as I can during the night.

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