If it will make you feel better

by islandgirl @, Cowichan Valley, Sunday, October 08, 2017, 04:40 (8 days ago) @ Bill Fun

I just returned from my first trip to New York, about which I was a bit anxious. Contrary to popular rhetoric, I found the people friendly, polite and helpful. A lady asked me where I was from, so I said Vancouver Island, Canada. She said I knew you weren't a New Yorker (imagine the accent!) because you were talking to people! We chatted for a couple hours and are now e-pen pals!
I have to say I am not a shopper, but I think if I lived in New York, I could become one. And if I did live there, I'd never have to cook again. I'd get it all delivered!
I listened to a discussion today on CBC radio about guns in the US. Seems the gun lobby got a clause in the CDC charter (or whatever you call it) that said no funding could go to research aimed at gun control. This means no studies have been done to look seriously at the issue and possible solutions. So to answer why Americans are obsessed with guns, no one really knows.

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