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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, October 09, 2017, 12:47 (350 days ago)

A word of caution that I feel obliged to post here because our local municipal government is completely shirking its responsibilities in this matter. Lots of locals are reporting an increase in armed holdups all around town, including one couple who was robbed at gunpoint of their money and cellphones at the zócalo recently where there has been absolutely no police presence for the best part of a year. Lots of folks claim the local government is an extension of local organized criminal elements, but I'm inclined to believe it's more due to ineptitude and a lack of will by our municipal authorities, though I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between the two. So please be aware of your surroundings and don't carry anything you can't afford to lose. Wish I had more positive news on this subject.

Thanks to protests by teachers and parents it looks like that the original old section of the Vicente Guerrero Escuela Primaria is scheduled to be torn down soon. Rumor has it that it will happen this week. I'd always thought it deserved to be preserved for its historical status, and I'd almost bet that whatever gets built in its place won't endure as many years as that school has. It's been there through at least 3 big earthquakes, countless major storms, and thousands of kids. If only we could get the same attention for our piers and roads and inter-beach walkways that are part of our main tourism infrastructure...

I want to thank Kathy and her husband whose name I'm unable to recall as well as Deb and Bryant for dropping off used eyeglasses for Lupita. My saint of a wife continues helping to match up needy folks with donated eyeglasses. It's gotten to be so that almost wherever we go nowadays we see someone who has received donated glasses. It means so much to the folks whose eyes are aging but who don't have the resources to go to a local optician. It really is a labor of love for Lupita who spends quite a bit of time with each recipient making sure they get glasses that work for them, complete with an eye exam of her own creation.

Café Marina is a lot more than just a restaurant. Here are three iconic locals Tamakún, Felix Corales and Nico, all well known and respected locals with fascinating stories to tell having a jawbone session during the early morning at Joe's place. Yes, that's a baby croc on the table. This is what Zihuatanejo is all about!

Last evening lots of folks were out enjoying the magical sunset colors, the perfect weather, and our lovely downtown waterfront area. Folks were enjoying moments of sheer bliss from one end of the beach to the other as well as out on the pier. This is what Zihuatanejo is all about!

The bay was closed to small boats Friday and Saturday due to the high waves, and since many fishermen don't work Sundays, there was little action at the fishermen's market this morning. But a few fishermen were indeed out seeking their daily sustenance.

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