vet exams of pets prior to entry into Mexico

by Casa Juan @, Monday, October 09, 2017, 23:29 (347 days ago)

I have received some contradictory information as to how close in time a vet exam of a dog or cat needs to be prior to entering Mexico. In 2016 I drove to Mexico and no customs person in Canada, US or Mexico asked to see the dogs "papers" I obtained 20 days prior to entry into Mexico. This time I am flying and my schedule is subject to the arrival of a new passport. Any info on the current regs for pet exams prior to entry into Mexico would be most appreciated,

Secondarily, I am also wondering if it is possible to get a van type vehicle instead of a cab at the Zihua airport. I plan on traveling with a 100 lb pooch, his kennel and a few boxes necessitating more space than the regular Nissan cab in Zihua. gracias

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