Casa Sandbar Helped Us at Dos Palmas in Troncones

by Emmet ⌂ @, Seattle WA, Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 12:35 (315 days ago) @ Gringo Viejo

Hola! Casa Sandbar was an immense help to us and we piggybacked on their research and had solar installed last May'ish. We ended up having a carport built with 30 panels and then two additional panels over our tanaka. It took MONTHS to get the two way meter installed. During that time, we were still generating power, but any extra power went back to the grid without a credit. Our first bill "post-2-way meter" was much less than half of the normal bill but we weren't on the 2-way meter for long. I can log in (from here in Seattle) and see how my panels are performing....each individual panel that is. So, if one is bad, I can clean or fix it. The company that installed it is also monitoring it. They were great to work with. So far today we have generated 16.3 KW hours. The last three days have been 40.9, 41.7, and 42.7 with my 32 panels. I don't expect to be getting any bills for electricity for some time (pool, 3 a/c units, two ponds). We think the payoff will be five years though it could be four years. So far, we're super happy.

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