3 year olds

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3 year olds might enjoy doing many things that are dangerous -- that is why they require adult supervision. Also, I have seen children younger than 3 on those cars -- children so young they have no idea why they are sitting there. Last summer during the Mexican vacation time, the zocalo was so crowded with vendors of all kinds that there was barely room for the cars to drive through the crowd. Everyone had to move aside for them.

You are absolutely right. Most of the longer-time locals and original families (except those who sell their own wares at the zócalo) have also been complaining that the zócalo has become invaded with vendors and the stupid inflatable playhouses and even a portable restaurant, many who use the public electricity for their personal profit. Makes lots of us wonder why any of us bother having established businesses where we pay taxes and services? Why not just claim a space at the zócalo or nearby on the beach or the walkway and just plug into the public grid and to hell with taxes or accountants or business licenses. Just spread a sheet on the ground and sell stolen jewelry, computers and cellphones!

This is NOT what our main plaza has historically been used for. It has always been an open space with places for sitting in the shade and enjoying the tranquility and the beauty. Sunday nights used to be the ONLY nights there would be a dance or some form of entertainment. Now it's every night, and the corrupt Reglamentos office simply charges everyone a fee and pockets the money with no transparency, no rendición de cuentas. Locals are not happy with how the current municipal administration has allowed problems such as these to worsen. This has been the subject of numerous articles in the papers and is commented on frequently in our radio talk shows.

So people pay a "fee" to do vending there...but "somehow" they are squatters and receive "free electric"........would the use of power not be included in the rental Fee??


You know, some of us do like to go there just for the food..............:megusta:


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