Two If By Zih

by Canada1 @, Thursday, October 12, 2017, 08:54 (132 days ago) @ Labrat

Someone must have visited El Norte during the holidays.

We have those "Kiosks" pop up all to hell and gone for holiday shopping.


These kiosks are a way for landlords or city governments to reap huge rents during high traffic periods such as Christmas, $1000. (Cdn) and more per week plus a percentage of sales. The big kicker is that this huge revenue is most likely not used to offset costs for the rental space whether it be city streets or mall common areas.

If ya all think they are setting up for free around zócalo...think again!

Maybe a portion of the rent they are paying should go towards reducing costs for zihua's downtown retailers, or hey downtown retailers should approach the city and also rent kiosk space, standing by and doing nothing while watching the consumers dollar/peso being spent elsewhere is a sure way of starting to dig your business' grave.

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