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by B&S @, Saturday, October 14, 2017, 02:11 (400 days ago) @ Paulf

You are going to have a great trip.
Back in the day I had an office in Athens that I visited twice a year. At least once each year mi esposa and I would vacation through the islands. If we had only a week we recommend 3-4 days in Mykonos and 3-4 days in Santorini.
In Mykonos stay in the town center - not the splurge hotels around the old town. We liked Zorzis Hotel but there are others. Our favorite day trip was on a scooter rental to Agio Sostis - a quiet beach with the greatest family run restaurant. No name but you will smell the BBQ when they fire up around noon.
On Santorini stay in IOS. Not as frantic as Fiera. But Fiera is nice if you choose one of the beautiful hotels that cascade down the cliffs to the caldera. Make sure to do Franco's bar at sunset.
Ahhh... such memories. We will go back one day soon.

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