Crime in Zihuatanejo

by ingrid, Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 11:44 (1030 days ago) @ Canada1

Rob, your message all though factual does not instill alot of confidence for people planning to visit this beautiful place.:-(

i think that people making these types of inquiries prefer factual answers to being misled that everything is sweetness, light, fairy dust and unicorns. Armed with honest, factual information people are able to make reasonable decisions appropriate for them and their family. It serves no purpose to lure people with inaccurate information only to have edgy, nervous visitors miserable and unable to relax and enjoy their vacations.

True enough Ingrid.....the true factual info will surely have visitors edgy, nervous and unable to Relax IF they choose to visit this wonderful Area!

Canada1, I am not sure I understand your comment. Are you implying that by providing people with accurate information that you would be discouraging them from vacationing there or that people committed to vacationing there will be edgy, nervous and unable to relax as a result of being informed? I think that most people being informed of the realities of the area and on how to enjoy themselves safely will choose to explore and fall in love with our paradise. There absolutely will be those who will find the information unsettling and change their plans but I maintain better that they make informed decisions based on THEIR comfort level than spend the week frightened and intimidated. If the intention is just to get people to vacation there you can promise them anything but if you hope that they are going to enjoy themselves and return year after year allow them to make informed decisions.

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