The reason

by Gringo Viejo @, Kansas/Zihuatanejo, Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 10:03 (993 days ago) @ Pelicano

Bingo! I used to think I understood, to some extent, how the world turned. But I know there is nothing logical. Right the U>S> indexes are at all time high based on the Lemming Theory-everybody is jumping on board and the axle will eventually break.

My faith in markets collapsed with the Flash Crash of May 2010. I had always used "stop loss" orders to protect my capital (first rule of investing: Then the flash crash hit. I had "stop loss" set at 12% downtick. Most of my lifetime retirement portfolio was off 60% when the broker, Fidelity, finally sold it. Then 5 hours later it was back to normal. Lost my a*s being "smart and conservative". Somebody, somewhere made a ton of bucks off that fiasco.

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