I agree

by Pelicano, Thursday, October 19, 2017, 19:53 (999 days ago) @ HolyMole

I always have heard that the best and easiest way to get the best rate is with an atm on your bank card. Is that not true?

Right. I'm always skeptical of those delusional dreamers who think they can beat the system. Banks (and bankers) didn't get rich by giving money away.

And who issued your bank card, if not a bank?

As I mentioned Vancouver Bullion usually beats the banks, which is why they often have line ups. I merely brought them up for Canadian dollar comparisons, as their rates are as shown

I prefer to arrive with cash in hand, pay my hotel in advance, and go to atm when I’m running low. I don’t fret too much about exchange rates as I’m usually only down for two weeks at a time. I realize it’s important to those who are in Zihua much longer.

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