Kudos and rabes to Hospital Especialdes

by jharrison, Thursday, October 26, 2017, 11:31 (417 days ago) @ Gringo Viejo

That's a very encouraging story. Is there medical insurance that works in Zihua, or should we plan on paying in pesos if we need medical assistance? News story today (10/26/2017) about a horror story in Cabo -- a 20-something woman fell on a metal spike, (fence, I think) at her all-inclusive resort hotel, puncturing one of her lungs in two places. The resort called an ambulance that took her to the St. Lukes Hospital (the resort may have a contract with that hospital, the story says), which locked her in a room and would not treat her until a responsible party provided $50,000 US cash. Essentially a kidnapping. Turns out the US State Department issued a warning about predatory hospitals in the Cabo area last year. If she had gone to the Cruz Azul hospital, everything would have been OK -- she had US travel insurance that would cover emergencies (allegedly). Her boyfriend flew down there and her parents, who live in the same city as I do (story was in our local paper) ended up giving the hospital $30,000, and then she was transferred to another hospital. The US Embassy is involved, as are the local police. I hope some of the money can be recovered. I've been to Zihua a couple of times, talked to people who have had medical treatment there, and never heard of anything remotely like this. Still, I wonder whether there is short-term Mexican insurance that we might buy in advance of our next trip to Zihua, in February.

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