Day Three/Four

by Labrat ⌂ @, The Roosterfish Foundation, Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 18:00 (139 days ago)

Day three was a lazy early day on the balcony, culminating in dinner at Ed & Rebeca Kunze house.

We were Treated to a humongous platter of Shrimp, and fresh Yellowfin Tuna. A couple of hours later they Rolled me to the van for the ride back.

Day four was Fishing.

I can go on and on about fishing. The short story is that the fish Beat The Hell outta me.

No Roosters on this trip, but once the 30LB class Jack Cravelle got done with me, I prolly wouldn't have got a Rooster in anyhow!

Fished with Captian Chev of the Fleet Terrible (Dos Hemanos) and as is typical with these guys, Cheva fished me into the bottom of the Panga. I was hot, sweated out, and crying No Mas by 11AM, Then we made the stops along the way for "only Otro Mas".

We ended the day with 2 Dorado coming unbuttoned, a half a dozen Skipjack Tuna, and 13 of the Meanest Jacks that I have ever encountered. Twenty minutes of constant pulling for the smallest of them, and they were hitting us three at a time, so someone was doing Double Duty on Back to Back Jacks all morning.

I'm Bushed!

The shoulder held up well, but the rest of me kinda fell short! LOL As did the new Diawa Travel Rod. It made it though the Jacks, only to have the Tip Section fail on a Black Skipjack, that was the last fish of the day.


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