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by Craig AKA the cruise ship guy @, Wednesday, November 01, 2017, 11:19 (477 days ago)

I posted a trip report on this board a couple of days ago and yesterday on TA as I see this as the real Zihuatanejo board. On this board I got a couple of nice responses and nothing more although I know others read it and there is really no need for most to comment. On TA I also got some nice comments and then a couple of members decided that they needed to continue there childish fighting on my post. I also posted a trip report on TA for my 4 day trip to El Cardonal in Baja that included fishing and I ended up getting accused of going over the limit when it was obvious that I did not. If anyone on TA asks about safety the post will end up being removed by TA.

I know many have left this board over the years due to arguing and not agreeing with Rob's opinions on certain matters but show me something that works better. So far the only restriction that I have seen here is posting TA in it's full name T r i p A d v i s o r. Rob and Lupita are actually trying to help the community where TA is just trying to make a profit. It may not be perfect but it appears to be the best
thing out there. :dude:

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