Better late than never trip report

by Openskydreamer ⌂ @, Regina Saskatchewan Canada, Saturday, November 04, 2017, 18:32 (375 days ago)

Hello everyone,,
This is my first time posting to this board but I have been following it for a while. I thought it was about time to post a trip report. This past winter was our 5th trip to Zihua and it was as awesome as it always is. I decided that I would just share a list of my favourite things about Zihuatanejo...
The beaches... no matter where you stay on the bay, if you like to walk you can get some exercise and you have a choice of 4 beaches that you can enjoy. They are all a bit different and all are beautiful!
El Centro ( the town )... A stroll on the waterfront in the morning and out to the pier is so nice or an evening walk for a variety of wonderful restaurants, so difficult to choose which one. You don’t really need to plan any tours because just walking anywhere is fun.
The people... The people of Zihua are so wonderful and hard working and they take life day by day. We could really learn something from these wonderful people!
The weather... It’s so nice to not have one goosebump while on vacation!.
Changing your mind on your vacation to something totally different than where you come from is an awesome thing.

The only planned thing we did was a trip to Isla Ixtapa with Ramon Olea... we didn’t plan fishing but we fished anyway!!!
Of course we made a trip to Lupita’s store and if you get to meet her it is a bonus.

Just one more thing, I have been inviting my childhood friend to come to Zihuatanejo with us for the last 5 years and her and her husband finally came this year.. She thanked me and told me it was the best vacation they’ve ever had!

Thanks Rob for this forum and for all of your valuable advise.

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