Zih Survey

by Canada1, Tuesday, November 07, 2017, 15:11 (971 days ago) @ h4Dan

Could it be that more and more of the "younger" travellers (the under 50 people) are seeking a more vibrant, fun party type vacation? I would be in the 50+ and more catagory and do seek the quiet vacation that both ixtapa and zihua offer, maybe there are less and less of us as the years pass by. There is some party atmosphere in ixtapa/zihua if you want it but nothing like the los cabos, cancun playa del carman locations.

And yes..not easy or cheap to get here, few flight opportunities, i think it is the old supply and demand thing...fewer seats sold=fewer flights.

You would think with all the hurricane damage in puerto rico, the dominican etc we would be flooded with people searching for an alternative and once they get to this paradise i think their return would be a no brainer.

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