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by Phatman @, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Tuesday, November 07, 2017, 17:14 (377 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I could not agree more if I tried in terms of the "BS" stat of "The local Oficina de Convenciones y Visitantes (OCV) claims that over a million foreign tourists have visited our destination during the past 3 years. I gotta call BS to that. I simply don't believe that."

Stealing a line from the movie 21, "I can do simple math." Below are grossly inflated hypothetical numbers in terms of ALL, not just foreign flight arrivals.
If Zihu airport had arrivals under the following conditions, these are the numbers;

All flights 190 people max capacity.

Saturdays, 12 flights for 52 weeks of the year = 118560 x 3 years = 355680
All other days of the weeks 5 flights per day for 52 weeks of the year= per week 5700 x 52 = 296400 x3 years = 889200. TOTAL of Saturdays and weekdays, flight arrival passengers = 1,007760 passengers in 3 years - and as we are aware Ixtapa/Zihu foreign tourist season is about 5 months in length. OVC stat stinks to high heaven...

A poster's idea of promoting Ixtapa and Zihu - an area of tourist taste differences is fantastic. The tourist wanting more comforts of big city USA heads to Ixtapa, and the Zihu experience is for authentic Mexico tourist tastes. A great position to be in for OCV because they could spin both areas as destinations wrapped into one. Not a new concept, I think they don't know what they have.

All comment below are IMHO(all though I own a business in the area). Ixtapa: requires a shot in the arm in terms of modernizing its resorts, Azul not included. The area needs more "Stuff" to do, attractions i.e. a dinner theater, a cave to snorkel into, a well stocked grocery store for the condo owners. Many condo owners don't really want to travel to Zihu for frequent meat purchases and such. The foreign tourists have two(there are more) major anxieties, they want to speak English, and eat American food - Cancun and the like delivers these.

More Americanized food served such as; fried chicken, big American hamburgers. Modernize the buses, and support and promote more resort staff to learn English. Rental Storage units to accommodate our tendency to over consume - need a place to put our "stuff."

Zihu: Fix sidewalks, storage units for rent, improve the look of Cinco de Mayo area, modernize buses, and place many more trash cans in both Ixtapa and Zihu, and splash a lot more fresh paint on buildings...

To achieve some of the above it will take educated, invested in improvement, humble officials to ask(hire consultants) for help, and visionary officials to collaborate with agencies in order to bring the higher dollar spending tourist back, and to the area.

Attracting the lower price point tourist will only worsen the areas look, and continue to produce poor foreign visitor stats. Ixtapa/Zihu has one high dollar industry - tourism - it needs to be delivered in a larger capacity to the foreign tourist. The area needs to gain more popularity - somewhat achieved by the above, then more flight routes will open up. Those now coming to Ixtapa/Zihu are motivated by intrinsic reasons - it is not because of reasonably priced flights...

Modern Ixtapa and authentic Zihu - two dynamite tourist taste sensations... :-D

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