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by Surftex @, steamboat springs, colorado, Wednesday, November 08, 2017, 14:28 (931 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I live in Colorado and fly out of Denver. Most people I know take a trip South of the border every spring to thaw out. I've been recommending Zihua and the surrounding areas for years to families and couples. These are first time Mexico visitors in many cases. Until recently many of them would take my recommendation and check it out.

Unfortunately for the past several years the airlines out of Denver have increased their pricing (DEN to ZIH) to the point that most people I know are saying "no thanks". After decades of pricing in the $300-500 range we're now looking at Economy fares starting at $800+. Only the die hard Zihua fans are willing to pay that kind of airfare.

If Zihua would like to see more Colorado $$$ it might help for the local tourism office in Zihua to work with the airlines that service our route. The other popular Mexican beach destinations have somehow figured out how to keep airfare within reason, why can't Zihua? B-)

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