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by HolyMole, Wednesday, November 08, 2017, 16:48 (938 days ago) @ JeffMN

Fabulous pix as usual, maestro. Felicidades a Lupita for her efforts distributing donated items where they're needed.

I've only been coming regularly to ZIH for ten years, but in that time it seems the Zihuatanejo I was originally drawn to has been nibbled away at from both ends: First, ever-greater numbers of Mexican tourists arriving by the busload to stay in one place, party on the beach and consume mostly food & drink they've brought with them in coolers.

Then, at the high end, all the luxury condos, the misplaced efforts to build a mega-cruise-ship pier, and places like Loot trying to do a Zihua make-over as a glitzy, "lifestyle" destination.

Neither, it seems to me, embraces the laid-back scale and tempo that's made Zihua so special and sets it apart so remarkably from other Mexican resort areas.

I just hope the place's future doesn't involve a deal with the devil, trading all that's unique and wonderful for the immediate gain of a few profiteers and crooked politicians.

Jeff, your and Rob's comments are absolutely bang-on. Let Ixtapa be Ixtapa, for those who want that kind of thing. It's nice and close to Zihua......but not too close. I always thought that marketing promoting both places for what they are....Ixtapa, the typical AI destination, with all that implies, coupled with Zihua, what the travel agents call "the real Mexico"...was the best way to go. They called it "two distinct destinations in one".
In response to a post above, my wife and I were, in fact, introduced to Zihua exactly that way. In the mid-90's we stayed AI at Villas Paraiso in Ixtapa and rode the buses into Zihua. We never stayed in Ixtapa again, though I won't knock it.....for those who want/need it.

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