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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, November 09, 2017, 13:55 (833 days ago) @ Gringo Viejo

Rob, I have gone bak over the posts and here is my take--

You are disappointed with both the Quality and Quantity of tourists in Zih? Perhaps this is because the mix of Product, Promotion Price and Place is targeted that class (monetary) of customer? Perhaps Zih is not branded towards the Quality of customer that is now coming here?

Question: Do I remember correctly that the AI craze had not hit here when I first came in 2000? If so, then why has AI proliferated? Because, as John Dillinger said when asked why he robbed banks? "Because that is where the money is".

Like you, and many others, I have empathy and sympathy for the local entrepreneurs. It is a touch market. But crying over spilled milk (better knows as "pi**ing and moaning" but doing nothing isn't going to make things better.

No doubt the Local Tourism folks (and maybe Federal) are not producing. Solution: Quit P**ing and moaning and get organized and do something. If nothing is done we will continue to beat this dead horse.

All-Included is a corporate strategy, much like your mass marketing ideas, that have nothing to do with our community's well being. Some hotels use it wisely, others use it more selfishly. It was slowly adopted hotel by hotel in Ixtapa while local leaders were distracted salivating over potential multimillion dollar budgets playing LET'S BUILD A CRUISE SHIP PIER IN ZIHUATANEJO BAY and the ban against assault weapons was just being lifted in the USA, which unleashed a flood of violence along with the Mérida Initiative which effectively got the War On Drugs going full swing in Mexico, changing pretty much everything as far as what we can get done here in our region and how we go about doing it. Before we knew it most of Zona Hotelera I was exclusively All-Included. Local, state and federal tourism authorities have mostly been ignorant of the needs of our tourism industry and instead occupy themselves inventing ways to come up with happy stats to justify their bloated salaries, and thanks to this oversight the All-Included problem was upon us before anyone knew it. I may have been the first person to identify the problem and to bring up the subject publicly way back then. I certainly never heard anyone else discuss it before me. Now though, my words from 15 or so years ago are pretty much the common sentiment among locals and especially Ixtapa business owners. Finally there are folks organizing to look out for the well being of our community. I haven't joined any of those groups, but I try to keep up with their positions and their goings on. It's nice and easy for you to reprimand folks since you have no dog in this race, but that doesn't make the organized criminals go away and it doesn't put knowledgeable and motivated people in the positions of power where they can make a difference. You of course can't know what goes on behind the scenes, and I don't believe in betraying confidences, but my sharing the comments here, except these last two by you and me, is what helps get the right kind of attention to this problem. An election year is coming up, and at least now I am not the only person making the case for coming up with a local policy to fix the problem. Lots of folks with a lot more at stake than you or me now have the same opinion I had 15 or so years ago, and when the right people are in positions of power to make a difference I'll be sure they know what my proposals are. I'll be sure to do what I can to plant the seeds and see if they find fertile ground. You are of course welcome to make your own proposals, as you have done here, but I don't see them as having any relevance for our community because they will only benefit the big greedy anything-for-a-profit corporate hotels, which are collectively already the problem. We seek solutions for the community's well being, not for the profit margins of the big hotels.

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