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by la gabacha @, Ixtapa, Friday, November 10, 2017, 08:32 (679 days ago) @ JeffMN

I agree to the jeff thoughts , I have been living in Ixtapa in the golondrina's renting different houses condo's for over 10 years. I love the quiet and all the bird watching, bike paths. I never even think about the hotels over on the beach. To me the hotel strip in IX and La Ropa are the exact same thing crowded overbuilt overrun with uncaring party animal drinkers trash throwing fools. I still go to all the beaches from tronconies to la barra. The real reason to come to the area is there are beaches for any kind of day 8 days a week. I live in NYC and visit my sister in LA to take air alaska 3 hour flight to zihu .
I always feel like I am going to town from Ixtapa to zihu when I go grocery shopping to zihu and the new grocery store mertz in Ixtapa is getting better all the time. There have been more people in Ixtapa this year in the off season than ever before every weekend the hotels are full and there are a lot of tourist riding the bus into zihu with me . Someone else has said if they come once to a hotel and are curious enough to get out ride the bus and explore they will be hooked on whats left of the small town the sleeping fisherman village. As far as La Ropa the charm of the area is lost to the wealthy who have bought the view. La Ropa once was very quaint and laid back . The only charm left is Playa Madera, Principal the mercardo. I love living in Ixtapa right down the street from zihu the best of both worlds.

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