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by Point Bob, Friday, December 12, 2014, 17:01 (1064 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I have visited Z twice...both times 10 plus years ago. I have followed this board for years. Here is my 2 bits worth?

1.Have been visiting PVR every year at least once...sometimes twice (a month at a time).

2.Have always rented a condo/villa.

3.A number of years back I was contemplating a return visit, and made inquiries about rentals. Pricing was 30%-40% more than PVR.

4.When I queried the rental people as to why the gap...."That's the way it is"...was the reply....and I'm talking $2000+ US a month difference. Total indifference from the rental folks. This fact alone turned me off!

5.I am talking about anywhere from 8 to 14 people. I will be returning to PVR in February with a group of 14 for 2-4 weeks.

6.Air fare is a killer, when you have large number of people travelling.

I would love to make Z my destination of choice...but the economics just don't make sense.

Z has many more things to offer than PVR.....but...like others have said sometimes you have to look at the scale of economics. My wallet is NOT a bottomless pit.

My posting above is from 4 years ago ....nothing has changed...you can control air fares if the demand is there.
The only way to get demand up is to make it economically viable for people to visit.
I don't do AI...I rent...but the rents charged in ZIH (I recently checked) are absolutely non-competitive with other area's....thus no demand for flights from the non-inclusive crowd.
We rent...we shop...eat out...take taxis...charter for fishing ... aka spend money.
AI is here to stay...live with it or ?
Make the area competitive for those of us who choose NOT to use AI.
I was in ZIH last year and am returning again this year....BUT due to a major airline problem this year (flight cancellation and lack of alternate flights), the chances of me returning next year are slim.
Remember the movie "Build it and they will come"? Time to get your hammers out!

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