Revolving restaurants - Nardo's and Gringo Gordo's

by HolyMole @, Thursday, November 16, 2017, 15:35 (392 days ago) @ connie

Can anyone tell or know if anyone has moved into the spaces vacated by these 2 restaurants? Thanks.

"Revolving restaurants" is right. Just in the past decade along Adelita, you had Salvadors move from the foot of the pedestrian bridge (where Restaurant Adelita was, last time we were in Zihua), down to Nardo's original location further down Adelita, where the street branches to go towards the smaller footbridge one way, and the other way dead-ends at Casa Loma Bonita. Nardo's had moved further up Adelita, past where the old Casa Café was.
Then, Salvador moved over into the old El Perla Negra location, (beside what later became La Terracita), and Nardo's moved back into their original spot. El Perla Negra moved into their spot next to the entrance of La Cieba condo, (is El Perla Negra still there? Once, Abelardo explained to me why the feminine "Perla Negra" has "El", instead of "La" but I can't remember why, now)
Someone mentioned Sixtinos recently. Once, it was called Fortinos (get it?) and they had a funky little plant-filled place along Alvarez in Centro. Then they moved to Adelita, then....?
Another that we followed around to at least 5 different locations was Mi Chayito, originally (I think) at the far end of the little plaza off Calle del Ejido, where the flophouse is now located, (which itself was originally down at the end of the plazuella, beside Mi Chayito), over to Vicente Guerrero, then over to Adelita, then out to the far end of La Ropa road in that hotel, (Las Palmas?), then, last time we saw them - along La Ropa road. Hope Mi Chayito survives somewhere.
And who recalls "De Donde Eres?" on Adelita? And Blue Mamou?
Just saying these names makes us ache to get back.

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