Revolving restaurants - Nardo's and Gringo Gordo's

by HolyMole @, Friday, November 17, 2017, 16:07 (428 days ago) @ Fran

The owner told me that El Perla Negra was named after the ship in Pitates of the Caribbean. It’s El because iit identifies a barco (masculine) rather than a perla (feminine).

That’s what he told me. I take no further grammatical responsibility.

That`s what Abelardo told me too. But to thicken the plot, what about that wonderful song by Linda Ronstadt on her `Canciones de Mi Padre` album called La Barca de Guaymas`` seems that `boat` can be either el barco or la barca.
Spanish can be almost as crazy as English.

(I recall that great comedy routine on Ed Sullivan years ago, of the fellow teaching English to a foreigner, instructing him to pronounce each word according to its spelling. First word is bough`, which the student has no idea how to pronounce. The teacher pronounces it, then writes `dough`on the blackboard. The student, naturally, rhymes it with `bough`, and teacher`tells him the correct way to pronounce it. Then he writes `through`` with similar results, then `though`, then ènough`....until finally the student gives up entirely.)

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