Information re: Bernie's Playa Calli and Villas Emas

by Hanuman, Sunday, November 19, 2017, 17:47 (367 days ago)

Hello Rob and everyone!
I am seeking up-to-date information about "Bernie's Playa Calli". My wife and I stayed with Bernie, Daniel and their staff 4 years ago and we really enjoyed the tranquility and beauty of Playa Larga. We are trying to find out if Daniel is still renting Bernie's home near Barra. Does anyone have any contact information - email, Facebook, etc. ??
We are also interested in Villas Emas on Play La Ropa and have walked in and visited a few times. I know that they do not have a website. How does one connect with them? And Who should we ask for when we do?
We are missing Zihuatanejo and are eager to return this Spring!
Peace to all, Hanuman and Nikki

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