Elvira’s on La Ropa - General noise pollution in Z.

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 00:22 (388 days ago) @ DaveT


Hola Dave T.

Here is an excerpt from your comment, I will put my two "sense" in on----

" Gone are the days of a peaceful quiet breakfast on the beach. The 21st century has found La Ropa. Damn it! "

Yes, I.M.O. in general, the noise contamination all over Z really detracts, and to some extent, ruins ones experience. A "peaceful quiet" Z experience, whether it be breakfast on the beach as you noted, or elsewhere, is difficult to come by.
The noise contamination is just about impossible to get away from. :-(

My experience as a resident here in Z, shows that, most, if not ALL of it, is intertwined in some type or another of alcohol based activity.

A recently renovated bar called "Ingobernable" (something like that) which is on the top floor of the building in front of the abandoned modulo de la Policia Preventiva, just to the side of La Cancha, constantly contaminates that area with noise pollution. While there at La Cancha, one is forced to listen to the noise generated by that bar, like it or not. Too bad.
And as we here have observed, the supposed local "authorites" are useless and/or unwilling to control the situation, and bring the needed peace and quiet we once knew many, many years ago in Z.


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