Fishing in the bay

by midalake @, Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 18:10 (336 days ago) @ Leslie

I would like to get set up with some spinning gear. I have access to a sea kayak
and would like to fish in the bay. Would I be able to purchase a rod and spinning reel (not a trolling reel lol) in Zihua? I'd rather support the local economy. I would like to do more fishing but can't afford to charter a panga more than a few times. I am thinking about leaving my fly rods at home this year. I will be arriving on New Year's Eve this trip from Edmonton, Alberta. Thanks everyone.

In my HO, ANY kind of quality equipment is in short supply in Mexico. You would be best served by getting the quality rod and reel you want at home. Bring "Mega baits" or similar lures with you as well.


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